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  Hello Bernhard,

> The new european domaine www.jules-verne.eu is online!

  Good work. Now it can't be snatched away by squatters, and it will remain
  in the hands of Vernians.

>>> that was one of the ideas behind it.

  Have you thought about reserving julesverne.eu too (i.e. without the

>>> no. the domaine have to be paid, so how many domaines I should have ordered?

  Now that the German club owns the domain name: what are you planning to do
  with it?

>>> that is a good question.we still have to discuss about. My idea is to make only a basic site giving the links to all other important Verne - sites, like I did as a first step allready, giving the german pages and gilead.org aside of all the associations and societies.

  If you have any idea, proposals, contributions - do not hesitate to let me know.



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