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Re: The eccentric Jules Verne

From: Peter Harold <haroldmania~at~yahoo.se>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 12:15:12 +0200 (CEST)
To: Jules Verne Forum <jvf~at~Gilead.org.il>

Dear friends!

Here are some comments about Cristians letter. First
of all, I am just standing in the line to present my
wild guess.

Well, there are several sources telling that Jules
Verne was a little bit eccentric. If you care to know
a good story-teller, you will find sides of his/her
life being regardes as eccentric. They are creators
with big imaginations. They need to be eccentric...

When it comes to "Kil Kerney", there are doubts about
how much English Verne did knew. Kill Kidney is a good
joke, but I am not sure Verne was aware of it. Or
perhaps he did knew more English than he admitted?

To some people there is a fact that Jules Verne was a
murder, travelling secretly to England and stabb
ladies as for the Jack the Ripper signature. It is a
morbid idea, but we had postings here last year about
this topic, and it gave some of us a good laugh.

Myself, I think Jules Verne at later age in his life
was much more aware about the inside of a human body
(medically), became himself very ill, and in some ways
stated a sad feeling for owning such a bad body. This
sadness could have coloured his mind when writing
these stories with blood and violence to someones
body. Or he just wrote down the picture of someone he

But perhaps I see too far about it; to get the readers
attention, one had to include some blood sometimes.
And particulary Jules Verne, who never was a good
writer when it comes to love, one of the other
important subjects to include in a good novel.

Well, its just my silly thoughts about this. I haven't
got the opportunity to read this novel (not translated
into Swedish yet).

Best regards
Peter Harold

--- Cristian Tello <destro777~at~hotmail.com> skrev:

Dear friends:
According to the Garmt de Vries' message I can see
that he've got a great affection by the novel "The
will of an eccentric". For me it is no doubt a very
nice work, though some descriptions are in fact a bit
tedious. However, I wanted to mention some things with
regard to this novel. As we know, it was written in
the last years of Verne's life, in it, he seems to
demonstrate a special behavior, playing with the names
of his characters in a interesting way, for example,
we have in the chapter 8 the character called "Kil
Kirney", very strange name in my opinion, because it
can mean Verne played with the words Kill or Murder
and the word Kidney, the name of one of the human be
organs, isn't it more than curious???
On the other hand, reading the chapter 16 we'll find a
singular description, done with a lot of emphasis
about a "geyser of blood"...and in the chapter 29
about the character Turk he says the following: "Turk
declared that he would strangle the notary, would open
him the abdomen and would devour him the liver".
I might continue mentioning other paragraphs of the
novel about topics as the divorce, the misogyny, etc.,
then, had Verne some strange behaviour??? At least it
is curious, because it is not the only one novel where
the writer describes in hidden way his mysterious
I'd want to know your commentaries about this
expressions, because I'm a great fan of Verne and his
work, however all the exclamations in mouth of his
characters can be interpreted in fifferent ways.
Sincerely: Cristian Tello

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