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The following quotation is from an interview with Jean Verne, Verne's great
grandson, that was published in People Weekly, February 13, 1995, v43n6, pages
     "We had it up to here with Jules," says Jean. "Whenever we traveled,
it was to inaugurate something named after him or to celebrate an anniversary.
 It was always for Jules. It was to the point that I refused to read his
books until I was 20 - his presence was too overwhelming."
     His father's tales of Jules as a bitter and eccentric old man who
suffered from diabetes and bulimia only confirmed in Jean's mind his view of the
patriarchal genius as trouble. "He was solitary and didn't talk to anybody,
but he'd come down to lunch at noon sharp," says Jean. "He'd had a special
chair built for him that put his chin and mouth at the level of the table, and
he would shovel food in with both hands. He'd eat entire roasts."
     After reading "Paris" .... Jean softened his opinion.
I can send copies of the entire two page article to anyone who requests it
or I can type it out to the Forum if there is a demand for it.
Sid Kravitz
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