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Re: Inquiry re chromotypographs and photographs in the in-8 Hetzels

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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 07:55:29 -0400
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Theh Dutch Jules Verne society uses a Chromolith for the covers of their
magazine De Vernian which comes out 3 times a year. Back issues go at least
10 years.I will have 3 copies at NAJVS meeting for viewing. Rein Saariste is
the editor who prepares the art work. He can probably tell you if they have
an archive of the scans they have used, mostly color 300 dpi jpegs. His
email is rein~at~saariste.nl I'm not sure if there are 2 a's or 1 in the email
name. sent a cc to each. Rein had many back issues for sale at the Mondial,
so I am sure they are still available. If you do obtain some I would be
interested in copies of the jpg's. Yes they are in the later works. The
pilot of the Danube seems to be all photos, at least no engravings.Ile a
helice still had engravings.
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Subject: Inquiry re chromotypographs and photographs in the in-8 Hetzels

> Dear colleagues,
> Can anyone on the list recommend a study -- an article or book, in
> English or French -- of the chromotypographs and photographs used as
> illustrations in the Hetzel grands octavos? Is there a comprehensive
> list anywhere of the works in which chromotypographs and photographs
> appeared? My impression is that they became more common in the later
> works, but I am not sure of this...
> Regards,
> TH
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