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Philippe Burgaud Speaks at the Library of Congress

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Philippe Burgaud, known internationally as the former longtime Secretary
of the Societe Jules Verne, and a noted Verne collector and authority,
today spoke at a gathering at the Library cosponsored by the French
Language Table and the What If ... Science Fiction and Fantasy Forum.
Burgaud's remarks, and his discussion with Library staff in attendance,
were entirely in French. He covered the evolution of Verne's reputation
over the years, the audiences his works received, the impact of Hetzel,
Verne's original appearance in publications beyond the Magasin, the
celebration of the Mondial, the changing treatment of French publishers
(such as the Bibliotheque Verte), and the interventions of Michel Verne.

Burgaud and his wife were visiting Washington, D.C. on a trip to the
United States. The Library, with its own range of rare and early items
related to Verne, has long had a special interest in the author, and
Burgaud was shown such treasures as the 19th century "pulp" Seaside
Library editions in which many of the first English language publication
of Verne appeared. The Library holds many of the materials collected by
members of the first, 1940s American Jules Verne Society, and hosted the
2004 meeting of the North American Jules Verne Society.

A special thanks goes to George Toth of the Library's French Language
Table for his work in coordinating this event.

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