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Re: Inquiry re chromotypographs and photographs in the in-8 Hetzels

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chromotypographie was realized the first time about 1877/1878 (http://www.answers.com/topic/eug-ne-grasset) by Eugène Samuel Grasset, and created by the photgraveur Charles Gillot shortly before. On a german website (http://www.g26.ch/art_grasset.html) I found this additional information saying also that the first publication using chromotypography was "Le petit Nab" in 1877 / 1878 , but not indicating of what writer.

I have a couple of Hetzel contain ing chromos to see at www.jules-verne-club.de/kaleidoskop/chromotographien_01.html
The oldest I can determine is the Michael Strogoff of about 1884. So the first use of this coloured illustrations by Hetzel have to be fixed in the range of 1878 to 1884


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  Hi Terry,

  I don't think any scholar has done a comprehensive inventory of these. Most
  studies of Verne's illustrations (like those listed in Note 13 and the Works
  Cited of my article on Zvi's site at http://jv.gilead.org.il/evans/illustr/)
  don't seem to distinguish between "gravures," "dessins," "illustrations,"
  and "chromotypographies" when discussing them.

  I'm not sure when the "chromotypographies" began appearing in the in-8
  Hetzel editions, but I would guess that it wasn't until the late 1880s or
  early 1890s. Somebody who has a complete collection of Hetzel octavos might
  be able to pin this down for you, as well as the exact number of "chromos"
  appearing in each later novel.

  All best,

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  Subject: Inquiry re chromotypographs and photographs in the in-8 Hetzels

> Dear colleagues,
> Can anyone on the list recommend a study -- an article or book, in
> English or French -- of the chromotypographs and photographs used as
> illustrations in the Hetzel grands octavos? Is there a comprehensive list
> anywhere of the works in which chromotypographs and photographs appeared?
> My impression is that they became more common in the later works, but I
> am not sure of this...
> Regards,
> TH
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