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Re: Watch "20,000 leagues Under the Sea" on Google Video

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Actually, NOT the first film shot undersea, but the first *fiction* film
shot undersea--the same filmmakers, the Williamson brothers, tried out and
proved their techniques in a documentary two years earlier, then wanted to
do 20K (and eventually did more JV too). You can read about their careers
in a couple of my articles on Zvi's site.



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> Your friend, welshliberaldemocrat~at~yahoo.co.uk, has sent you the
> following video from Google Video and included this message:
> Filmed in 1916 can you believe?
> Title: 20,000 leagues Under the Sea
> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8365304564615414619&q=Jules+Verne&pr=goog-sl
> Description: The first film in history shoot under water. Jules Verne
> classic, read the book first.
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