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From: Chris Moser <crmoser~at~shaw.ca>
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 16:29:10 -0700
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If someone could burn this to a CD and then let me know how I can pay them for the cost of the CD and postage it would be appreciated. I have tried to download the file repeatedly but end up with a corrupted file 47.8 Mb in size !!

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  In honor of the forthcoming meeting of the NAJVS in Norfolk, VA, I have posted the pdf file of North against South, a Tale of the American Civil War on ibiblio. This is a 47 Meg pdf file, it would be nice to have a few CD's at the conference if anyone has the capability of making them.The ibiblio website is:


  It is entirely fortuitous that I have discovered this file just in time for the NAJVS meeting. This is the Sampson Low version made from the original and includes the illustrations which print out quite well.

  The Blockade Runners is also there and also available with illustrations for free download from the Lulu site (47 meg download)
    www.lulu.com Also see the jpeg of the title page of The Baltimore Gun Club on ibiblio for more local color.

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