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The Blog of Phileas Fogg : October 1st 1872

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BlankNow, let's see if I have everything setup correctly. Well, words are
appearing on the monitor (as I think he called it) so that's a good sign and
so presumably this "thing" must be working. Now, what did that fellow say?
That's right, "Think of this as a diary and start off by introducing
yourself". All right then. Let's give it a go then.

Good evening. My name is Phileas Fogg and I am resident in Savile Row,
London, England (number seven to be precise). Oh, what's this? "Would you
like this address pinpointed on a map?" Don't see why not might come in
handy one day. Well, that's the introduction done, now what else did he say.
"Write down an interesting fact about yourself and everything that happens
to you between today and New Year's Day 1873!". Well, the only interesting
fact I can think of is that this house used to be the home of Sheridan and
that I look rather like Lord Bryon as to what happens to me between now and
the end of the year, well, God willing nothing much out of the ordinary. As
to what happened today, well, I suppose I could write about it, not that
anyone will find it particulary interesting I expect.

Today started (as it has everyday since I moved here) at 8.00am when I woke
up and twenty three minutes later (as laid down in his daily duties) Forster
(who is my manservant) arrived with my breakfast. I'm not a very fancy
person when it comes to breakfast two cups of tea and three slices of toast
is enough for me. However what happened seventy four minutes later was
simply unforgiveable. Forster arrived with my shaving cream and as usual I
stuck a thermometer in the bowl of water that accompanies and lost my temper
and summarily dismissed Forster on the spot. Now, I've been told by this
person (who I shall talk about in a moment) that this "blog" as he called it
will be posted in the National Library in London as part of an exhibition on
life in 1872 and that in the future people might not know why people would
dismiss someone just for bringing him a bowl of water so I had better
explain. I like my water to be precisely 86F, and the water that Forster
had brought me was only 84F and if there is one thing I cannot stand it's
servants not doing what they have been paid to do, hence the reason why I
dismissed Forster. I will of course keep him with me until the new person
arrives tomorrow but have told him to pack his cases and be ready to leave
as soon as he is employed.

Anyway, I put that incident behind me and at 11.30am made my way to the
Reform Club as I normally do. Do I wish to place the Reform Club on a map?
Talk about inane questions, if you think it would be the best, yes. I came
back at midnight and found a large package on the front steps and a few
seconds later a complete madman rushed up and said "Ah, Phileas Fogg, yes?"
I answered in the affirmative and he waved a piece of paper in front of me
that identified himself as Professor John Smith of London University's
History Department and he literally led me into my own house and gave me
this thing. He left about five minutes ago actually leaving me without a
clue as to why I should keep a "blog" as he called it. He said there was a
picture of him on this thing somewhere. Ah, here it is.

Totally unkempt if you ask me, although I would like to know who his tailor
is. That looks like something I wouldn't mind wearing next year. I do
apolgise, I have just heard a very strange noise coming from the garden and
so did Forster as well. He's just come running in here swearing blind that a
blue box labelled "Police Box" has just disappeared from the middle of the
garden. And that Professor Smith entered it and shouted to someone inside
"Right, let's get this TARDIS moving eh?". As I said at the beginning my
days aren't usually this hectic but Professor Smith seems a reasonable
fellow and if I can help with the history department's research then I
suppose I will keep on with this "blog". Yours Phileas Fogg Esq.

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