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Esperanto translations of JV

From: Victor F Sirvent E <vsirvent~at~ldc.usb.ve>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 12:25:49 -0400
To: Jules Verne Forum <jvf~at~Gilead.org.il>

I put in my web page some material about Jules Verne and Esperanto.
The links are:
In English: http://www.ma.usb.ve/~vsirvent/verne/verne-esperanto-e.html
In Esperanto: http://www.ma.usb.ve/~vsirvent/verne/verne-esperanto.html

You can find the scanned covers of the JV books translated in Esperanto.
You can also find an article of mine which deals with the interest of
JV with artificial/constructed languages.

There is a link to other web pages that cover the relation between JV
and Esperanto.

I hope to put more material here in the future.

Victor Sirvent
Received on Sun 18 Feb 2007 - 18:27:02 IST

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