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Virgin Galactic future passenger claims influence of Verne

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Excerpt from "Virgin Galactic Unveils Spaceship," Jan 23, 2008, by
David B. Caruso

'...About 200 prospective passengers from 30 countries have made
reservations, shelling out $200,000 apiece. Many were in attendance
for Wednesday's presentation, including Ken Baxter, 58, of Las Vegas.

"You can't even imagine my excitement," said Baxter after seeing the
models. Baxter, a real estate marketing executive, said he recently
completed preflight training that included being subjected to extreme
g-forces in a whirling centrifuge, and hopes to be in space in a year.

"Yeah, I'm scared," he acknowledged. "But this is about realizing a
childhood dream. Space travel is something I've been thinking about
since I read Jules Verne as a kid."'


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