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Re: Language of the Nautilus and her crew

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Anyway, there is a major difference between Esperanto (Volapük, Solresol and other international languages) and Nemo's artificial language: whereasEsperanto tends to unify languages of different nations, Nemo's language just try the contrary: seperate his crew and himself from the rest of humanitiy. So, his language is much more close to thieves' latin which exist in all languages, I think.


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Thank you, Victor!

I have just begun learning Esperanto!

~ best regards

Michael T. Bee

On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 10:24, Victor Sirvent <vsirvent@ldc.usb.ve> wrote:
In the excellent annotated edition of the 20K published by The Naval Institute Press (the translation was done by W.J.Miller and F.P. Walter) there is a footnote (page 102), where a possible meaning and etymology of the words in the famous sentence:
\"Nautron respoc lorni virch\"
is explained.

Verne was interested in the artificial languages and this can be seen in some of his works.
In 2005 I wrote a paper (in Esperanto) about this topic, it can be downloaded at:

Victor Sirvent

On Fri, 13 Jan 2012 10:21:59 -0800 (PST), James Keeline wrote:
But there were others that were earlier
including one from 1868, about the time that 20K was being worked
upon.  Certainly the idea of such a language is what he was trying to
convey even if the details are different.

James D. Keeline


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From: Michael T. Bee <michael.t.bee@gmail.com>

Thanks, so much.  

Interesting aside: Conseil makes statement: “That’s the nuisance in not knowing every language,” Conseil replied, “or the drawback in not having one universal language!” -Pt.1 Ch 8 “Mobilis in Mobili”

...Esperanto doesn\'t come along until 1887!

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