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Re: Verne in the Pleiade - American availability

From: Rick Walter <rick1walter~at~comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2012 09:26:30 -0600
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Yes, Amazon.fr is astonishingly efficient -- I've ordered dozens of items
from them using my regular amazon acct., and their normal delivery barely
takes a week. In fact,
 I've placed both domestic and overseas orders on the same day and have seen
the latter arrive first.

All the best,


Frederick Paul Walter
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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From: "Garmt de Vries-Uiterweerd" <garmtdevries~at~gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: Verne in the Pleiade - American availability

> Alex,
> Why don't you just order from amazon.fr? A search for "verne pleiade"
> shows both the coffret and the single volumes. I'm sure they can be
> shipped to the US.
> Cheers,
> Garmt.
> On 17 May 2012 16:01, Alex Kirstukas <infernalnonsense~at~yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Just a quick question about the new Verne volumes in the Bibliotheque de
>> la Pleiade - I've been looking forward to this release for quite some
>> time, but so far I haven't found a bookseller who deals with Pleiade
>> volumes. Can any American members of the Forum advise me as to the best
>> way to purchase the volumes? Private replies are fine.
>> Thanks,
>> Alex
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