Part Two


Chapter I
Conversation on the subject of the bullet—Construction of a canoe—Hunting—At the top of a kauri—Nothing to attest the presence of man—Neb and Herbert’s prize—Turning a turtle—The turtle disppears—Cyrus Harding’s Explanation.
Chapter II
First trial of the canoe—A wreck on the coast—Towing—Flotsam Point—Inventory of the case: Tools, weapons, instruments, colthes, books, utensils—What Pencroft misses—The Gospel—A verse from the sacred book.
Chapter III
The start—The rising tide—Elms and different plants—The jacamar—Aspect of the forest—Gigantic eucalypti—The reason they are called “fever trees”—Troops of monkeys—A water-fall—The night encampment.
Chapter IV
Journey to the coast—Troops of monkeys—A new river—The reason the tide was not felt—A woody shore—Reptile promontory—Herbert envies Gideon Spilett-Explosion of Bamboos.
Chapter V
Proposal to return by the southern shore—Configuration of the coast—Searching for the supposed wreck—A wreck in the air—Discovery of a small natural port—At midnight on the banks of the Mercy—The canoe adrift.
Chapter VI
Pencroft’s hallos—A night in the Chimneys—Herbert’s arrows—The captain’s project—An unexpected explanation—What has happened in Granite House—How a new servant enters the service of the colonists.
Chapter VII
Plans—A bridge over the Mercy—Mode adopted for making an island of Prospect Heights—The draw-bridge—Harvest—The stream—The poultry yard—A pigeon-house—The two onagers—The cart—Excursion to Port Balloon.
Chapter VIII
Linen—Shoes of seal-leather—Manufacture of pyroxyle—Gardening—Fishing—Turtle-eggs—Improvement of Master Jup—The corral—Musmon hunt—New animal and vegetable possessions—Recollections of their native land.
Chapter IX
Bad weather—The hydraulc lift—Manufacture of glassware—The bread-tree—Frequent visits to the corral—Increase of the flock—The reporter’s question—Exact position of Lincoln Island—Pencorft’s Proposal.
Chapter X
Boat-building—Second crop of corn—Hunting koalas—A new plant, more pleasant than useful—Whale in sight—A harpoon from the Vineyard—Cutting up the whale—Use for the bones—End of the month of May—Pencroft has nothing left to wish for.
Chapter XI
Winter—Felling wood—The mill—Pencroft’s fixed idea—The bones—To what use an albatross may be put—Fuel for the future—Top and Jup—Storms—Damage to the poultry-yard—Excursion to the marsh—Cyrus Harding alone—Exploring the well.
Chapter XII
The rigging of the vessel—An attack from foxes—Jup wounded—Jup cured—Completion of the boat—Pencroft’s Triumph—The “Bonadventure’s” trial trip to the south of the island—An unexpected document
Chapter XIII
Departure decided upon—Conjectures—Perparations—The three passengers—First night—Second night—Tabor Island—Searching the shore—Searching the wood—No one—Animals—Plants—A dwelling—Deserted.
Chapter XIV
The inventory—Night—A few letters—Continuation of the search—Plants and animals—Herbert in great danger—On board—The departure—Bad weather—A gleam of reason—Lost in the sea—A timely night.
Chapter XV
The return—Discussion—Cyrus Harding and the stranger—Port Balloon—The engineer’s devotion—A touching incident—Tears flow.
Chapter XVI
A mystery to be cleared up—The stranger’s first words—Twelve years on the islet—Avowal which escapes him—The disappearance—Cyrus Harding’s confidence—Construction of a mill—The first bread—An act of devotion—Honest hands.
Chapter XVII
Still alone—The stranger’s request—The farm established at the corral—Twelve years ago—The boatswain’s mate of the “Britannia”—Left on Tabor Island—Cyrus Harding’s hand—The mysterious document.
Chapter XVIII
Conversation—Cyrus Harding and Gideon Spilett—An idea of the engineer’s—The electric telegraph—The wires—The battery—The alphabet—Fine season—Prosperity of the colony—Photography—An appearance of snow—Two years in Lincoln Island.
Chapter XIX
Recollection of their native land—Probable future—Project for surveying the coasts of the island—Departure on the 16th of April—Sea-view of the reptile end—The basaltic rocks of the western coast—Bad weather—Night comes on—New Incident.
Chapter XX
A night at sea—Shark Gulf—Confidences—Preparation for winter—Forwardness of the bad season—Severe cold—Work in the interior—In six months—A photographic negative—Unexpected incident.

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