Academic Scholarship on Jules Verne

Brian Taves

Here is a collection of articles and reviews, written by Brian Taves (Ph.D., University of Southern California), a film historian with the Library of Congress, contributor to the Bulletin de la Société Jules Verne, and senior author of The Jules Verne Encyclopedia (Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 1996).

I thank Dr. Taves for granting me the permission to post the texts in this collection.

The original publication information appears at the top of each text. Most of the texts were revised for this Web publication.

Zvi Har’El


  1. Verne Expert Brings Fairy Tale to English-Speaking Public (January 10, 1994).
  2. With Williamson Beneath the Sea (April 1996).
  3. Library Restores Rare Undersea Film (September 16, 1996).
  4. LC Holds Largest Jules Verne Collection Outside France (October 21, 1996).
  5. Discoveries from the “Around the World in 80 Days” Collection (October 21, 1996).

Book Reviews

  1. Jules Verne. Paris in the Twentieth Century (March 1997).
  2. (with Jean-Michel Margot) Herbert R. Lottman. Jules Verne: An Exploratory Biography (November 1997).
  3. Jules Verne. The Chase of the Golden Meteor (Summer 1999).

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