Academic Scholarship on Jules Verne

Arthur B. Evans

Here is a collection of articles and book reviews, written by Arthur B. Evans, a Verne scholar and a French Professor at DePauw University. Most of them appeared in the journal Science Fiction Studies, edited by Arthur B. Evans (Managing Editor), Istvan Csicsery-Ronay Jr., Veronica Hollinger, Rob Latham, and Carol McGuirk. The Spring 1988 article appeared in the journal L’Esprit Créateur, edited by John D. Erickson. The Spring 1989 article appeared in the journal Studies in the Literary Imagination, edited by Virgina Spencer Carr (General Editor), R. Barton Palmer and Matthew C. Roudané. The April 1997 review appeared in the journal SFRA Review, published by the Science Fiction Research Association.

I thank author, the editors, and the publishers mentioned above, for granting me the permission to post the texts in this collection. I join Professor Evans in hoping that other scholars can persuade their publishers to allow them to do the same.

The original publication information appears at the top of each text. In the case of the articles, horizontal rules are used in place of the original page-breaks, so that readers will be able to quote from them if they so wish.

Zvi Har’El


  1. “Science Fiction vs. Scientific Fiction in France: From Jules Verne to J.-H. Rosny Aîné” (March 1988)
  2. “The Extraordinary Libraries of Jules Verne” (Spring 1988)
  3. “Functions of Science in French Fiction” (Spring 1989)
  4. “Optograms and Fiction: Photo in a Dead Man’s Eye” (Nov. 1993)
  5. “The ‘New’ Jules Verne” (March 1995)
  6. “Literary Intertexts in Jules Verne’s Voyages Extraordinaires (July 1996)
  7. “The Illustrators of Jules Verne’s Voyages Extraordinaires (July 1998)
  8. “The Vehicular Utopias of Jules Verne” (1999)
  9. “Jules Verne and the French Literary Canon” (2000)
  10. “Jules Verne’s English Translations” (March 2005)
  11. “A Bibliography of Jules Verne’s English Translations” (March 2005)
  12. “Jules Verne: Exploring the Limits” (Winter 2005)
  13. “Jules Verne’s America” (Spring 2007)

Book Reviews

  1. “Two New British Studies on Jules Verne” (July 1991). Reviews of:
  2. “New and Recycled Translations of Jules Verne” (July 1992). Reviews of:
  3. “A Verne Fairy Tale Now in English” (March 1994). Review of:
  4. “A Stepping-Stone Study of Early SF” (Nov. 1994). Review of:
  5. “Superb Jules Verne Translations” (July 1995). Reviews of:
  6. “The Story of Jules Verne—The Anglo-American One” (July 1996). Review of:
  7. “A Verne Biography” (April 1997). Review of:
  8. “Interviews with Jules Verne” (July 1999). Review of:
  9. “An Exercise in Creative Genealogy” (Nov. 1999). Review of:
  10. “Hetzel and Verne: Collaboration and Conflict” (March 2001). Review of:
  11. “Verne on Stage” (Nov. 2004). Review of:
  12. Centennial Scholarship on Jules Verne. (November 2006). Reviews of:

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