First Part


Chapter I
The storm of 1865—Crisis in the sky—A balloon swept along in a waterspout—The torn casing—Nothing but the sea in sight—Five passengers—What occurred in the basket—A coast on the horizon—The denouement of the drama.
Chapter II
An episode of the Civil War—The engineer Cyrus Smith—Gideon Spilett—The Negro Neb—The sailor Pencroff—Young Herbert—An unexpected proposition—Rendez-vous at ten o'clock in the evening—Departure in the storm.
Chapter III
Five o'clock in the evening—The missing person—Neb's despair—Search to the north—The islet—A wretched night of anguish—The morning fog—Neb swims—View of the land—Fording the channel.
Chapter IV
Lithodomes—The river's mouth—The “Chimneys”—Continuation of the search—Evergreen forest—Providing fuel—Waiting for the ebb—On the heights—The raft of wood—Return to the shore.
Chapter V
Arrangement of the Chimneys—The important question of fire—The box of matches—Search on the shore—Return of the reporter and Neb—A single match!—A crackling fireplace—The first supper—The first night on land.
Chapter VI
The inventory of the castaways—Nothing—Burnt linen—An excursion in the forest—Evergreen flora—The jacamar escapes—Trace of wild beasts—The couroucous—Grouse—A curious fishing line.
Chapter VII
The reporter's reflections—Supper—Neb has not yet returned— A bad night coming on—A frightful storm—Departure during the night—Struggling against the rain and the wind—Eight miles from the first encampment.
Chapter VIII
Is Cyrus Smith living?—Neb's recital—Footprints—An unresolved question—Cyrus Smith's first words—The identification of footprints—Return to the Chimneys—Pencroff overwhelmed.
Chapter IX
Cyrus is here—Pencroff's endeavors—Rubbed wood—Island or continent?—The engineer's plans—Where in the Pacific Ocean?—In the depth of the forest—The pine kernel—Hunting capybara—A smoke that augurs well.
Chapter X
The engineer's invention—The question that preoccupies Cyrus Smith—The departure for the mountain—The forest—Volcanic soil—Tragopans—Wild sheep—The first plateau—The encampment for the night—The summit of the cone.
Chapter XI
At the summit of the cone—The interior of the crater—The sea all around—No land in sight—Bird's eye view of the shore—Hydrography and orography—Is the island inhabited?—Naming the bays, gulfs, capes, rivers, etc.—Lincoln Island.
Chapter XII
Setting the watches—Pencroff is satisfied—A suspicious smoke—The course of Red Creek—The flora of Lincoln Island—The fauna—Mountain pheasants—Pursuing kangaroos—Agouti—Lake Grant—Return to the chimneys.
Chapter XIII
What is found on Top—Making bows and arrows—A brickyard—The kiln for pottery—Various kitchen utensils—The first broth—Wormwood—The southern cross—An important astronomical observation.
Chapter XIV
The measurement of the granite wall—An application of the theorem of similar triangles—The latitude of the island—An excursion to the north—An oyster bed—Future projects —The sun's passage on the meridian—The coordinates of Lincoln Island.
Chapter XV
Wintering is definitely decided—The metallurgical question—Exploration of Safety Island—Seal Hunt—Capture of an echidna—The koala—The so-called Catalan Method—Making iron—How to obtain steel.
Chapter XVI
The question of a dwelling is treated anew—Pencroff's fantasies—An exploration to the north of the lake—The northern border of the plateau—Serpents—The extremity of the lake—Top's uneasiness—Top swimming—A combat under the waters—The dugong.
Chapter XVII
A visit to the lake—An indication of the current—Cyrus Smith's plans—The fat from the dugong—Using pyritic schist—Iron sulfate—How glycerin is made—Soap—Saltpeter—Sulphuric acid—Nitric acid—The new falls.
Chapter XVIII
Pencroff no longer doubts anything—The old overflow of the lake—A subterranean descent—The passage through the granite—Top disappears—The central cavern—The lower well—Mystery—A blow from the pick—The return.
Chapter XIX
Cyrus Smith's plan—The front of Granite House—The cord ladder—Pencroff's daydreams—Aromatic herbs—A natural warren—Diverting the water for the needs of the new dwelling—The view from the windows of Granite House.
Chapter XX
The rainy season—The question of clothing—A hunt for seals—Making candles—Work inside Granite House—Two bridges—Return visit to the oyster bed—What Herbert finds in his pocket.
Chapter XXI
Several degrees below zero—Exploration of the marshy part of the southeast—The colpeos—View of the sea—A conversation on the future of the Pacific Ocean— The incessant work of the infusoria—What will become of the globe—The hunt—Tadorn's marsh.
Chapter XXII
Traps—Foxes—Peccaries—Sudden northwest wind—Snowstorm—Basket makers—Deepest frost of the winter—The crystallization of maple sugar—The mysterious well—The planned exploration—The lead bullet.

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Copyright © Zvi Har'El
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