Second Part


Chapter I
The subject of the lead bullet—The construction of a canoe—Hunting—At the top of a kauri—Nothing to attest the presence of man—Neb and Herbert's catch—A tortoise turned over—The tortoise disappears—Cyrus Smith's explanation.
Chapter II
First trial of the canoe—A wreck on shore—Towing—Flotsam Point—Inventory of the case: tools, arms, instruments, clothes, books, utensils—What Pencroff wanted—The gospel—A verse from the sacred book.
Chapter III
Departure—The rising tide—Elms and nettle trees—Various plants—The jacamar—Aspect of the forest—Giant eucalypti—Why they are called “fever trees”—Troops of monkeys—The waterfall—Night encampment.
Chapter IV
Going toward the coast—Several bands of quadrumanes—A new watercourse—Why the tide was not felt—A forest on the shore—Reptile Promontory—Gideon Spilett makes Herbert envious—The noise of the bamboos.
Chapter V
Proposition to return by the southern shore—Configuration of the coast—Search for a presumed wreck—A wreck in the air—Discovery of a small natural port—Midnight on the banks of the Mercy—A drifting canoe.
Chapter VI
Pencroff's calls—A night at the Chimneys—Herbert's arrow—Cyrus Smith's plan—An unexpected solution—What happened in Granite House—How a new servant enters the service of the colonists.
Chapter VII
Projects to execute—A bridge over the Mercy—Making an island out of Grand View Plateau—The draw-bridge—The corn harvest—The creek—The culverts—The poultry yard—The pigeon house—The two onagers—The harnessed cart—Excursion to Port Balloon.
Chapter VIII
Linen—Hunting for sealskin—Making pyroxyle—Various plantings—Fishing—Tortoise eggs—Progress of Master Jup—The corral—Hunting wild sheep—New vegetable and animal riches—Remembrance of their native land.
Chapter IX
Bad weather—The hydraulic lift—Making glass panes and glass cups—The bread tree—Frequent visits to the corral—Increase in the flock—The reporter's question—Exact coordinates of Lincoln Island—Pencroff's proposition.
Chapter X
Construction of the boat—Second harvest of corn—Hunting koala—A new plant more pleasant than useful—A whale in sight—The harpoon from Vineyard—Cutting up the cetacean—Using the whalebones—The end of the month of May—Pencroff has nothing left to wish for.
Chapter XI
Winter—Pressing wool—The mill—Pencroff's obsession—Whalebones—To what use an albatross can be put—The fuel of the future—Top and Jup—Storms—Damage at the poultry yard—An excursion to the marshes—Cyrus Smith alone—Exploration of the well.
Chapter XII
The rigging of the boat—An attack by colpeos—Jup wounded—Jup nursed—Jup healing—Completion of the boat—Pencroff's triumph—The “Bonadventure”—First trial to the south of the island—An unexpected document.
Chapter XIII
Departure decided—Hypothesis—Preparations—The three passengers—First night—Second night—Tabor Island—Search on the shore—Search in the woods—No one—Animals—Plants—A dwelling—Deserted.
Chapter XIV
Inventory—Night—Some lettering—Continuing the search—Plants and animals—Herbert in great danger—On board—The departure—Bad weather—A glimmer of instinct—Lost at sea—A timely light.
Chapter XV
Return—Discussion—Cyrus Smith and the stranger—Port Balloon—The third harvest—A windmill—The first flour and the first bread—The engineer's devotion—A moving experience—Some flowing tears.
Chapter XVI
A mystery to clear up—The stranger's first words—A dozen years on the islet—Admissions which escape him—The disappearance—Cyrus Smith's confidence—Construction of a mill—The first bread—An act of devotion—Honest hands.
Chapter XVII
Always alone—A request from the stranger—A farmhouse established at the corral—He was there twelve years—The first mate of the “Britannia”—Abandoned on Tabor Island—The hand of Cyrus Smith—The mysterious document.
Chapter XVIII
Conversation—Cyrus Smith and Gideon Spilett—The engineer's idea—The electric telegraph—The wires—The battery—The alphabet—Fine season—The colony's prosperity—Photography—An impression of snow—Two years on Lincoln Island.
Chapter XIX
Recollections of their native land—Future chances—Proposed survey of the coasts of the island—Departure on the 16th of April—Serpentine Peninsula, a view from the sea—The basalts of the western coast—Bad weather—Night comes on—A new incident.
Chapter XX
Night at sea—Shark Gulf—Confidences—Preparations for winter—An early winter—Intense frost—Interior Work—After six months—A photographic negative—Unexpected incident.
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Copyright © Zvi Har'El
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