An Antarctic Mystery


The Sphinx of the Ice Fields


Jules Verne

English translation by

Mrs. Cashel Hoey

Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Co., 1899

A Sequel to Edgar Allan Poe’s The Narrative of A. Gordon Pym.

Chapter I
The Kerguelen Islands.
Chapter II
The Schooner Halbrane
Chapter III
Captain Len Guy
Chapter IV
From the Kerguelen Isles to Prince Edward Island
Chapter V
Edgar Poe’s Romance
Chapter VI
An Ocean Waif
Chapter VII
Tristan d’Acunha
Chapter VIII
Bound for the Falklands
Chapter IX
Fitting out the Halbrane
Chapter X
The Outset of the Enterprise
Chapter XI
From the Sandwich Islands to the Polar Circle
Chapter XII
Between the Polar Circle and the Ice Wall
Chapter XIII
Along the Front of the Icebergs
Chapter XIV
A Voice in a Dream
Chapter XV
Bennet Islet
Chapter XVI
Tsalal Island
Chapter XVII
And Pym?
Chapter XVIII
A Revelation
Chapter XIX
Chapter XX
“Unmerciful Disaster”
Chapter XXI
Amid the Mists
Chapter XXII
In Camp
Chapter XXIII
Found at Last
Chapter XXIV
Eleven Years in a Few Pages
Chapter XXV
“We Were the First”
Chapter XXVI
A Little Remnant

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