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I am thankful to Ariel Pérez for his tireless work in promoting Jules Verne in the Spanish speaking world, for all the Spanish translations he sent me. I wish to thank him, and his collaborators Garmt de Vries and Jean-Michel Margot, for the Frequently asked Questions (and answers, of course) they prepared and donated to this site. I also wish to use this opportunity to thank the many translators of the FAQ: Ralf Tuchmann, Lejf Rasmussen, Jean-Pierre Boutin, Nejat Bayramoğlu, Dima Aksutin, Pasqual Bernat, Tomáš Bílek, Marko Obradović, Fredrico Jácome.

I am grateful to my friend in Brazil, Waldemar de Almeida, for the stamps he sent me to help making my collection complete. I am still excited when I think how he even went out of his way to replace one stamp out of a complete series which was torn when I showed it around! Thank you Waldemar!

Thanks are also due to Mark Mikolon, my friend in collecting from Indiana, for his help and support. The silver foil he sent me really shines in the collection!

More help in organizing my stamp collection and completing the Michel catalog data was given generously by my friend in Germany, Bernhard Krauth, and I am very grateful to him.

Many thanks to Christian Sánchez, for sending me his Spanish translations to Jules Verne’s short stories “La Journée d’un journaliste américain en 2889” and “A propos du Géant”, and his electronic rendering of “Un drame au Mexique” and allowing me to post them here.

A complete, unabridged English translation Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas is now available in an illustrated hypertext edition in this collection. I warmly thank Rick (F. P.) Walter for sending me the original WordPerfect diskettes and the original color plates. We are all very grateful to you, Rick, for putting your excellent translation in the public domain and letting all of us finally freely enjoy a good JV English translation. I hope more translators will follow your example.

Speaking about good translations, I am grateful to Norman Wolcott, who made his electronic rendition of Frederick Amadeus Malleson’s faithful translation to Verne’s Journey to the Interior of the Earth available to us, after almost getting used to the horrible “Hardwigg” version.

My warm thanks to Sidney Kravitz for making his unabridged 200,000 word English translation of Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island available to the readers of this page. This careful translation is the fruits of 14 years labor of love, and I am sure you will enjoy reading it the way I did. Sidney will send a free 3½″ disk containing the ASCII version of his translation to the first 100 people who request it. Free postage is included. You can contact him by email or write him at his home address: Sidney Kravitz, 592 Herrick Drive, Dover, New Jersey, 07801-2013 USA.

I also wish to thank René Paul for his great help in supplying about one third of the illustrations accompanying The Mysterious Island, after four years they were missing because I was too busy or impatient to scan them... René also contributed all the illusrations for the Illustrated Jules Verne section of this site, and I am grateful to him and Nikky for their magnificent work.

Many thanks to Jean-Michel Margot for making Jules Verne’s youth novella, Le Mariage de Mr Anselme des Tilleuls, available in this collection.

I am very thankful to Frank J. Morlock, the playwright and translator, for allowing me to present here his English translations and adaptations of Jules Verne plays: The Adoptive Son, The Knights of the Daffodil, Mr. Chimpanzee, Michael Strogoff and Children of Captain Grant.

More thanks are due to Art Evans who broke the ground, and to Bill Butcher and Brian Taves who followed his lead, for sending me their essays and permitting me to present them here.

I wish to thank Nejat Bayramoğlu, for sending me the electronic version of the single chapter of Joyeuses Misères de trois voyageurs en Scandinavie, short time after it was unveiled to the public in GEO. I also thank him for sending me the first Turkish Jules Verne novel on the Internet, L'Étoile du sud. This is a great addition to the univerality of the Jules Verne Virtual library.

Many thanks to Dima Aksutin, who introduced my to the Russian Jules Verne electronic texts, and sent me his electronic versions of Voyage au centre de la Terre, Cinq semains en ballon, and the short story Gil Braltar, which appears here for the first time in the internet.

The Vice-President of the Polish Jules Verne Society, Andrzej Zydorczak, has sent me the beautifully illustrated electronic rendition of the novel Une ville flottante in French and in Polish. This is the first Polish work in my collection, and it is quite exciting. I am very grateful, Andrzej! This was not enough: Andrej sent me many many more texts, both Polish and French, and made the Virtual Library richer than ever!

I am thankful to Jean-François Buisson for sending me his electronic rendering of Edgar Poe et ses œuvres and permitting me to post it here.

My thanks to Gilles Roger-Naudin for supplying the missing Livre de Poche original publication dates.

Toda Raba (a big thank you, in Hebrew) to Eli Eshed, for his invaluable help to keep the list of Jules Verne’s Hebrew translations up to date.

Many thanks to Ralf Tuchmann for sending me his electronic version of Robur-le-Conqérent and allowing me to post it here.

I am grateful to Christophe Bægert for allowing me to post here Le Château des Carpathes, originally digitized for the Bibliothèque Bagé by Phillipe Bægert.

My thanks to Garmt de Vries for sending me his electronic version of Jules Verne’s essays Les méridiens et le calendrier and Souvenirs d’enfance et de jeunesse so that I can post them here.

Grand merci to Thierry Selva for sending me his electronic version of La Jangada and allowing me to post it here.

I am thankful to John Stevens for sending me his Gutenberg based PDF versions of Robur the Conqueror and Master of the world and allowing me to post them here.

I wish to thank Peter Sippel of Warminster, Pennsylvania, for sending me his electronic rendition of The Narrative of A. Gordon Pym by Edgar Allan Poe and its sequel, An Antarctic Mystery, by Jules Verne, and allowing me to post here edited versions of them.

I am grateful to Kim N. Jensen for sending me his Danish electronic rendition of Le Châtau des Carpathes. More Danish translations of Jules Verne novels may be found in his website, Bibliotek 1800.

I would like to thak Michel, A.K.A. Coolmicro, for allowing me to post here the Jules Verne texts from his website, Ebooks Libres & Gratuits. He has done a great job for of transforming these texts to verious electronic format, and if you are interested in formats I don't keep, please look at his site.

All the flags which are flying over this site (since 1997) originate at the World Flags Database. I wish to thank its creator, maintainer and director, Graham Bartram, for allowing me to use his copyrighted flag images here.

I would also like to thank the anonymous creator of the background of these pages, paper4.gif. I would like to learn about the origin of this texture.

I couldn’t make my site the way it is without the friendly people around the world, who fight every day to promote free software, and are busy in developing it: AIcons, Apache, GIMP, Groff, Highslide JS, ht://Dig, Hypermail, Ibiblio, ImageMagick, Majordomo, Mozilla, Open Journal Systems,, Unicode, Vim, World Wide Web Consortium, Writer2LaTeX, and many others I might have forgotten. Thanks.

Finally, many thanks to all those sites who metion this collection, often favorably.

Zvi Har’El

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